Tokio desk lamp

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The Tokio desk lamp was introduced back in 1980 by Shigeaki Asahara and is now relaunched by Please Wait to be Seated. Asahara has an eye for the classic and elegant yet with great sense of functionality and flexibility. While the desk lamp has preserved its essense it has entered a contemporary universe wherein it has been slightly challenged on its rigorous idiom to shake things up a bit. Beside from enabling dimming the intensity of the LED light the spherical dimmer ball allows the user to get tangible. Imparting both adjustable light intensity and adjustable inclination, Tokio Desk Lamp serves perfectly well as both a work light and as a cosy reading lamp.


Designer: Shigeaki Asahara


Base and head: Polycarbonates
Rods: Painted steel


Ash Grey


Dimmable LED 4,5 watt


Width: 12 cm
Depth: 8,5 cm
Height: 56 cm