Coffee Recipes

Hario V60

Pour-over coffee is a nostalgic brewing method that produces produces a rich, flavorful cup of coffee.

95-96 deg C Water for light roast, can go slightly colder with darker roasts or natural coffees    Rinse paper in V60 and pre heat it    Pour in coffee, make a well with your finger in the coffee bed    Start timer and gently pour 2x coffee dose as water to bloom SWIRL IT GOOD    Wait 30 to 45 seconds    Spiral pour in 60% of total brew water in until 1:15 (for eks. 60% of 500g, pour to 300g)    Keep it topped up, slowly pouring the rest of the brew water over 30 seconds. (100% of brew water by 1:45)    Once it has drained a bit, then SWIRL IT    Wait for the coffee to fully drain. You want a flat bed of coffee and no big grinds of coffee on the side of the filter paper.