Sylvestrina I Santa & Cole

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A next-generation oil lamp

“It was named after an old fisherman from El Port de la Selva called Silvestre; tall, rugged and elegant. A bottle half-filled with light, or half-empty? Bottle in the half-light. A softly lit oil lamp.” - Jordi Garcés and Enric Sòria

The Sylvestrina lamp follows you around. Freed from the moorings of electric wires, now it lights up any conversation, including in its usual place, resting on a table.

Its discreet circular base needs little surface area to house a rechargeable battery. Simply press the outer tube down to activate the switch, adjusting accordingly, to full or medium strength. Sylvestrina is secure in the subtle atmosphere of trust. Like the light of a good oil lamp.

Transparent Pyrex glass lampshade. White translucent diffuser. Glossy black zamak base.Switch incorporated into the luminaire with 2 levels of intensity.
Li-Ion battery.
Power Range: 7h on high power - 14h on minimum power.
Includes contact charger.
Battery charging time: 5h.


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