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Ratio 6 Brewer + Baratza Encore Grinder + 2 kg Coffee Beans

Delivery Time : 2 to 3 weeks

Set in black available from May.

R a t i o   S i x 

This brewer simulates a skilled barista pour-over process, precisely metering water flow through both the bloom and brew phases.

All of the taste. None of the work.

The Ratio Six coffee maker is built with thick, precision stamped stainless steel with a matte black or white finish. 

Brews up to 1.25 l .

Dimensions: 34 deep x 17 wide x 36 cm tall
Weight: 3.6 kg


B a r a t z a    E n c o r e

The Encore consistent grinds for brew methods from espresso to french press and everything in between.

Straight forward controls make your daily routine simple and easy. Load up your hopper with your favourite beans, turn the hopper to the grind setting you want, switch it on and let the precision conical burrs deliver consistent, quality ground coffee every time.

Beyond a great coffee-making experience, the Encore lets you explore new coffee flavours.

With 40 individual grind settings, you can find the perfect grind size for all brewing methods. 

Speed to Grind: 0.8g/sec.—1.1g/sec.

Burrs: 40mm conical burrs

Bean Hopper Capacity: 227g

Weight: 3.1 kg

Dimensions ( w x h x d ): 12 x 35 x 16 cm