The Mogensen Bench - Model 3171

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By Børge Mogensen , 1956

Mogensen designed this solid wood dining bench in 1956. With its robust simplicity the bench is an ideal example of Mogensen’s lifelong drive for a purified shape.

The Mogensen Bench - Model 3171
D: 48,5 cm
H: 77 cm
L: 171,5 cm
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When Børge Mogensen was appointed Head of Design at Fredericia in 1955, he was asked to design an entirely new furniture collection. One of the earliest outcomes was the launch of the 3236 Chair in 1956. With its solid, simplified construction, the 3236 Chair reflects Mogensen’s preference for working with refined yet rustic, natural materials. Along with his eye for perfect proportions.

The robust dimensions of the chair’s spokes and legs make this a stable, sturdy design, allowing for hours of sitting. Adding to the comfort is the upholstered seat characterised by a simple curve, capturing another signature trait of Mogensen – to never lose sight of a design’s original intent and functional purpose, while avoiding any unnecessary elements. The result is a classic chair ideal as a side chair. Simple, modest and still self-confident, just like its creator.

Similarly, the Mogensen Bench launched one year later embodies his lifelong ambition to create purity in terms of shape. Here, form truly follows function in this streamlined design with a simple back support, echoed in the upholstered rectangular seat with softened corners. The look is lean and linear, resulting in an open, expansive feeling. Underneath is a structure that mirrors the 3236 Chair, making the Bench its perfect companion.

Both the Mogensen Bench and the 3236 Chair attest to Fredericia’s ideals from our inception. Durable, functional furniture driven by an appreciation of honest materials. Seen in unpretentious, timeless designs for all aspects of society to be enjoyed around the world.