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Offset Candleholder | Vol. 1 | Sculptural Candleholder

A sculptural, enticing and stylish candleholder. "The Offset" is no ordinary candleholder, but rather a sculpture also capable of holding a candle. A graphic and bold piece of accessory for  your living room or windowsill.

Sandstone and Travertine
12 L x 7 W x 12 H cm

Two beautiful materials, brought together and on purpose aligned offset of each other, forms the base of this uniquely designed candleholder from Kristina Dam Studio. The offset candleholder has a exceptional sculptural appearance and the design of this candle-holder is without comparison. The contrast between the smooth grey sand stone and the premeable travertine is as stricking as it is unique. The Offset Candle-holder design makes it worthy as a centerpiece, when not used as a sophisticated candleholder. The "Offset" is a statement piece of accessory that will look great illuminating all modern furnished homes and interiors. Kristina Dam Studio has a wide range of graphic designer candlestick and candleholder in collection - here among the very populair Arch Candler Holder vol. 1 and the Shadow Candlestick.
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