Matter Magazine Keeper

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Matter Magazine Keeper | Sculptural Centerpiece | Sandstone

The sculptural Matter Magazine Keeper provides exclusive storage for your art magazines or coffee table books. The Matter Magazine keeper is carved by hand from beautiful sandstone.

20 L x 15 W x 24 H cm

Carved by hand in sandstone, each Matter Magazine Keeper is characteries by its jagged silhouette where not two pieces are alike. The sculptural organizer can be used in the bed- or living room, providing exclusive storage for art magazines or coffee table books. One side is left with rough with aesthetics of rocks, whereas the open area and opposite side have been smoothed. The rough carved "rocky" side of the Matter Magazine Keeper creates a interesting contrast to the rest of the smoothen sandstone. A magazine keeper with a trademark look from Kristina Dam Studio.

Kristina Dam Design Studio offer a variety of furniture, sculptures and accessories. We call our design-approach for "Sculptural Minimalism". We focus on simple, uncomplicated and durable designs for the modern home interior. Most products are made within the EU from genuine, honest and solid materials.
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