Hasami Mug S

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Hasami Porcelain is characterized by simple, clean lines and an aesthetic that is both highly modern and deeply seeded in Japanese pottery tradition. The company creates products on a fixed module, meaning that diameters are shared across the line, making them easy to be stacked and transported. The result of the stacking and interchangeability of the products is not only highly functional, but is also aesthetically pleasing - the repeated cylindrical shapes provide calm and serenity to a cupboard of counter space.
Crafted from Hasami’s custom blend of porcelain and clay, the mugs are softer to the touch than traditional porcelain, ensuring a positive tactile experience when serving hot beverages for friends - or for yourself. With a lovely matte finish, the mugs are beautiful enough to serve to a distinguished guest, and simple enough to use every day.
Dimensions H7,2 x Ø8,5 cm / H8,9 x Ø8,5 cm
Material Porcelain and clay blend
Care Dishwasher and microwave safe


Porcelain substance and clay burned at specific ratio.

Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Made in Japan




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