Eiermann 2 Dining - 200 x 90

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Eiermann2 table frame is ideal as a dining table, because of the centered crossbar which make the table suitable for sitting on both sides. All table tops for the Eiermann frames is placed on top of the frame on soft rubber dubs.


The table tops comes in five different sizes and can be mixed with one of the two frames, depending on the size. The frame comes in a large and a small. All table tops are placed on soft rubber dubs, so it’s changeable.


Frame colours include: Black, White, Chrome, Rust red, Navy blue, Cedar green and Lacquered steel. The lacquered steel is a colourless coating which shows the technical and workshop expressions.

Table tops comes in Oregon pine veneer, Stained black ash veneer, White laminate and linoleum in Black, Grey, Dark grey, Dark blue, Green and Burgundy. All linoleum & laminate table tops have untreated oak veneer edges.


Table tops for small frame:
L 1200 x W 800 x H 30 mm
L 1600 x W 800 x H 30 mm

Table tops for large frame:
L 1800 x W 900 x H 30 mm
L 2000 x W 900 x H 14 mm (Only for Oregon pine veneer and Stained black ash veneer)
L 2000 x W 900 x H 30 mm

Large: L 1350 x W 780 x H 660 mm
Small: L 1000 x W 660 x H 660 mm


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