Capsule glasses - S - Set of 4

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Capsule Drinking Glass | Small Tumblers | 4 pcs

The capsule drinking glass fit the capsule carafe and are available in two sizes. The tumblers are mouth-blown and come in sets of four tumblers in each package fitting. All glasses feature the distinctive ‘capsule’ design that characterises the series.

Mouth-blown Glass
8 Ø x 8,5 H cm

Perfect for serving lemonade, sparkling water and cocktails. The Capsule drinking glasses from Kristina Dam Studio is the obvious choice when choosing your next  designer tumblers. Complete your glassware collection with these cool and casual mouth-blown drinking vessels made of crystal clear glass. The Capsule series from Kristina Dam Studio has a straightforward design approach and can easily be used as everyday all-purpose glasses. The unique "capsule" design leaves an air bubble in the middle of the each glass - it serves both as a characteristic design feature and as a glass cork for the Kristina Dam Capsule Carafe. Our Glassware is made in Europe and designed by Kristina Dam Studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. These vessels have a superior durability that will hold up to years of regular use. The design of these tumblers will fit every home and occasion; the classic, the modern or the minimalistic.