1 KG UGANDA // Kingha Collective #3

1 KG UGANDA // Kingha Collective #3

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Super soft up front coating the tongue in sugarcane syrup. Milkchocolate, bonbons, fudge and very ripe banana. Soft beautifulacidity with Lemonzest in finish. Very creamy and sweet as itcools. PROCESSING INFORMATION:

Extended Fermentation Natural: 

1. The cherry is picked, sorted and sealed in a sack for 72 hours,at some point the environment is very oxygen-poor due to theco2 created as a byproduct of the fermentation process andturns the vessel ""semi-anaerobic"". 

2. Dried on raised beds 


Varietal: SL-14, -28 & -34 

Procesing: Extended Fermentation Natural 

Region: Bwindi 

Altitude: 1300-1550 meters above sea level 

Tasting notes: Chocolate fudge, ripe banana, lemonzest