Søborg Chair (steel&oak), by Børge Mogensen

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Being a very contemporary design, the SOBORG chair bridges contrasts, between industrial and handcrafted solutions, the textural properties of solid wood and plywood and between a lightweight and solidly grounded expression.

The Soborg-chair was designed with the intention to make a shell chair that could be produced with new machinery of the times. The generous seat and back design, in Mogensen's favourite materials, was the beginning of a shape seen in works throughout the rest of his career.

In 1952 Mogensen expanded the series with a steel framed chair. Working with steel was an exception in Mogensen's work, but the execution is typical of Mogensen. By adding features like the slightly coned legs Mogensen used techniques from the cabinetmaker's tradition in the execution of the steel. The chairs thus have an expression that feels both industrial and handcrafted.